Doc Bastian (Roy) is an Intuitive Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Aromatherapist, and Licensed Reflexologist in Nashville, TN.  True to his Catholic background, Doc Bastian works with Archangels, Angels, and Saints in his healing and magical workings. He believes in the power and force of angels as depicted in the Kabbalah and Old Testament.  The angel and chakra blends used in the oils and candles are the original creations of Doc Bastian.  He spent many hours in meditation and prayer with Spirit to create these blends.  All blends are made with pure essential oils and natural herbs.  The oils and candles are handmade by Doc Bastian, and infused and blessed with Reiki healing energy.  The intentional oils, such as money drawing and love attracting can be used without invoking the saints if you wish. The ingredients of each blend include the oils and herbs for traditional hoodoo workings.


All candles are hand-poured, and made with pure essential oils and soy wax.  Some candles have added herbs on the top.  The essential oils and herbs used were selected based on their traditional magic and lore properties. Candles are poured in a cobalt blue glass container, with black lid, and last approximately 45 hours if burned correctly.  Candles can be used as meditation candles, to fill a room or space with magical and prayerful intentions, and as altar candles.  Candles can also be used as magic, hoodoo, or rootwork candles when combined with intentions written in the wax, on the jar, or on a piece of paper put under the candle.


All oils are handmade with herbs and pure essential oils, in a base of fractionated coconut oil.  FCO was chosen as the carrier oil because it never goes rancid.  The oils and herbs used were selected by Spirit and Doc Bastian based on their traditional magic and lore properties.  Oils can be used for anointing, either yourself or a candle, or in many other ways depending on the condition.  For example, House Blessing oil can be applied to doorways and window frames to protect your home.


Doc Bastian and his husband Papa Gee are the proud owners of Aromagregory Creative Inc.  They have been making handmade soaps for many years, and own a small store in Nashville.  All soaps are made with pure essential oils and herbs, in base of coconut, olive and soybean oils.


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